What's in your teas?

Did you know that the ingredients in most conventional teas come from other countries, traveling thousands of miles?


Where do teas sold by Biofarm come from?

Biofarm carries the Mantera Tea Collection by Elderwoods Tea Company. Ingredients in these teas are organic & GMO-Free and sourced largely from growers, harvesters, and sustainable farms in the Southeast, U.S.A.


Why drink teas made from ingredients grown on the farm? 

  • The ingredients in many conventional tea lines contain pesticide residues. Many of these pesticides are known carcinogens.
  • The purchase of teas grown overseas, with the use of pesticides, leaves a huge ecological footprint and reduces the dollars being circulated within the U.S.A.
  • All ingredients used in Elderwoods Tea Company tea blends are organic and Non-GMO.
  • Teas produced by Elderwoods Tea Company are sold loose leaf, in a natural state, instead of being packaged in tea bags which may leach chemicals when exposed to boiling water.