Seller Information

Why become a seller with Biofarm™?

Restaurants, chefs, and community members in our region need consistent, quality culinary ingredients and we can help you connect with them.

Avoid sliding fees, chargebacks and complex distribution requirements. Through our system, you have the opportunity to maintain a professional sales and marketing relationship with our buyers and promote the credibility and value of your business.



Seller Benefits

  • Join as a Seller and gain access to list and sell your produce directly to local chefs and restaurants. Gain access to Biofarm™ distribution channel and other accommodations such as refrigeration and storage.
  • Biofarm maintains a rating and feedback system for choosing quality sources for produce and culinary ingredients. We encourage buyers to utilize the rating and feedback system in order to make an informed choice before making a purchase. This rating system can help boost the reputation of your business.
  • Sales will be made directly to the buyer. This cuts out sliding scale fees, chargebacks, and complex distribution requirements. The only fee for services to Biofarm as intermediator is a simple transaction fee.

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