Seller Agreement

Biofarm and its employees are not considered distributors and services are offered without any guarantees. Use for services are  the full responsibility of the seller.  The seller must be fully responsible in how the services are used, managed and functioning and Biofarm makes no warranty or guarantee regarding third party services.  The membership fees offset the cost of the website listing expenses and the transaction fees for Biofarm services are as a third party contractor.  Biofarm is not buying and selling the products supplied by the seller.  Buyers and sellers are making direct sales and purchases and agree to the Biofarm Listing Fee transaction and all representations stated herein.  Any sales tax required as the result of these transactions is the responsibility of buyer and seller per NC State laws.  For current agriculture taxation laws see


Agricultural Sales Tax Laws

Sales & Use Tax, Section 8, Farming

Sales & Use Tax, Section 10, Fertilizer, Seeds, Feed and Insecticides

Understanding Sales Taxes On Agricultural Products

Sales Tax for Beginning Farmers, CFSA

Agricultural Rules & Regulations, NCDA&CS

Federal Agricultural Rules & Regulations, U.S. FDA