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Sustainably Grown Ingredient Grade Amount Available Cost
Black Beauty Summer Squash A 50 lbs $1.99 per lb
Basil: Cinnamon, Genovese, Lemon, Tulsi   $14 per pound, $8 per half pound
Buttercrunch Lettuce   $3.00 per lb
Ruby Red Swiss Chard A   $3.50 per lb
Chard A   $3.20 per lb
Zucchini Squash A   $1.99 per lb
Anise Hyssop A   $13 per lb/$1.40 per oz
English Thyme A   $4.50 per oz
Cinnamon Basil A   $14 per lb/$1.50 per oz
Genovese Basil A   $14 per lb/$1.50 per oz
Lemon Basil A   $14 per lb/$1.50 per oz
Tulsi Basil A   $14 per lb/$1.50 per oz
Culinary Broadleaf Sage A   $14 per lb/$1.50 per oz


 Coming Soon

Organic Culinary Ingredient Expected Date of Availability
Dill  Mid-July
English Lavender  Mid-July
Lemon Balm  Early July
Sweet Marjorum  Early July
Pennyroyal  Early July
Greek Oregano  Early July
Forest Green Parsley  Early July
Sumer Savory  Mid-July
Chives  Mid-July
Garlic Chives  July
Cilantro  Mid-July
German Chamomile  Mid-July
Borage  Early-July
Magenta Spreen Lambsquarters  Mid-July


Organic Vegetable Expected Date of Availability
Armenian Cucumber  Early July
Spinach, Bloomsdale  Late June
Summer Spinach  Mid June
Broccoli  Early July
Chiogga Beets  Mid July

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