Elderwoods Tea Company Mantera Collection

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Elderwoods Tea Company, Mantera Tea Collection blends; 4 blends packaged in linen bag

Tea blends come in a food-grade, collectible tin. Includes information on how to start a tea community.

Mantera Tea Collection blends are made using organic and sustainably grown Yaupon sourced from the southeast and hand-blended with herbs and native plants grown on sustainable farms. Ingredients are selected for enhancement of the taste and therapeutic nature of Yaupon.

Linen bag includes one tin each of the following blends:

Yaupon, Elderberry, and Hibiscus blend

Yaupon offers an earthy balance while elderberry and hibiscus combine for a satisfying tart and tangy sweetness. These three ingredients provide triple immune boosting properties, while also detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and boosting energy levels.

CAFFEINE CONTENT: Contains Caffeine

Yaupon, Sage, and Lavender blend

Soothing sage melds with fresh, calming lavender, blending with Yaupon to form a bobust tea that clears and invigorates the mind. This mix has the ability to calm and clear in a balanced way, promoting relaxation without inducing sleepiness.

CAFFEINE CONTENT: Contains Caffeine

Yaupon, Lemonbalm, and Lemongrass blend

This classic combination is a a Coastal Carolina tradition that is uplifting and soothing, particularly to the digestive system. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in this blend fight fatique and boost the body's immune system. This combination makes and energizing iced tea. 

CAFFEINE CONTENT: Contains Caffeine

Tulsi, Anise Hyssop, and Blackberry Leaf blend

Our most popular tisane, this full-bodied blend is aromatic and grounding. It abounds with antioxidants and anti-stress agents. Tulsi basil is well-known for its myriad healing properties and ability to soothe the nerves. This tea makes a unique and mellow iced tea.