Something Wonderful!

Oct 17th 2018

Welcome to Biofarm, balancing human health with toxic-free wellness.

You may have guessed it, the ingredients in our products come from the farm.  They are mainly natural non-gmo or organic ingredients to ensure they are not contaminated with toxic materials.  With the harmful effects of toxic products poisoning our living spaces, our healthy lifestyles are not benefiting us and we are getting sicker.  

Products on are selected to alleviate the ill-effects of harmful products ubiquitously used such as glyphosate in our communities and Triclosan and Phthalates in our cleaners and synthetic systemic pesticides in our food and water supply.  Many solvents contain Toluene (nerve agent and reproductive health issues) and DEET, derived from Toluene, is the recommended insect repellent for Zika and other mosquito borne diseases.  Combating the ill effects of toxic products poisoning our family and pets and environment has increased drastically due to the amount of products in our lifestyles that are increasingly created with toxic materials.  

Today, there are many studies and facts being published about toxic materials in our products, just google and see.

Healthy lifestyles are a fantasy while the harmful effects of toxic products poison our living spaces.  The products on are selected to help replace toxic products and their negative effects on our well-being with needed healthy products that balance our health and wellness.  Biofarm has partnered with Autism Societies due to the great work these organizations are doing and to draw attention to the incredible increase in Autism and other child development disorders throughout the world and to the causal studies consistently pointing to endocrine disrupters and other 'signatures' of toxic materials.  It is time to break the addiction to toxic materials and stop the cycle of chronic illnesses.

Welcome to something wonderful....