BioBlock Pest Control Pro 64 oz.

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Bio Block uses desiccant action to quickly kill arthropod insects on contact including ants, cockroaches and spiders. Additionally, it continues to have residual repellent activity for one month (30 days) per treatment. Effective in repelling rodents as well as insect pests. Bio Block is not systemic and is a safer choice for use around bees and other pollinators.

Bio Block can be used on a variety of surfaces including countertops, floors, walls and other surfaces. It is not to be used on vegetation, avoid spraying on vegetation, but works well on mulched areas and wood structures. May be applied to water to rid mosquito larvae. There are no reentry requirements or restrictions for use by landscapers or pest control providers.

•Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Eco-Friendly formula
•Made with food grade ingredients
•Safe for food prep areas
•Safe around children and animals
•May be applied to water to rid mosquito larvae
•Kills insects on contact, with 1 month residual activity
•No time restriction for reentry into premises after spraying
•Pest Control Applicator License not required for application