Balancing Human Health

Biofarm enables health-conscious households and businesses to protect human health by eliminating damaging chemicals from the environment.

Many common cleaning chemicals such as soaps, detergents, and cleaning solutions have unhealthy effects on those that are exposed to them, causing allergic reactions, skin irritation, burns, and respiratory issues. Not only that, chemicals can be stored in the tissues of the body and build up over time. 

Some of the chemicals to watch out for include isopropyl alcohol, which is used in most common cleaning products, as well as chlorine, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, and triclosan.


Supporting a toxic-free environment

When you know where your food comes from, you can make healthy choices. Understanding the ingredients in your cleaning and pest control products will also enable you to make informed choices that extend to the health of family, staff, patrons, and community.

Alleviate the stress of ailments caused by caustic chemicals and improve the air and environmental quality of your space. Biofarm products can replace routinely used caustic chemicals.

Biofarm provides toxic-free cleaning solutions for Kitchen Areas, Dining Areas, Floors, and Restrooms. We also carry toxic-free pest control that is safe for use around food prep areas.


Visit our farm at where our ingredients are grown in Pittsboro NC