Amazing Aquatic Herbicide & Algaecide 2.5 Gallon

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EcoBlend Aquatic Herbicide and Algaecide is a contact vegetation control for aquatic weeds.

FOR AQUATIC USES: Do not apply directly to water except as specified on this label.

For control of duckweed and other floating vegetation, mix product 1:1 with water and apply consistent spray directly across unwanted vegetation.  Contact is required. Thoroughly wet weeds. Repeat application as needed.

For control of algae, mix product 1:1 with water and apply consistent spray directly on algae. Product requires direct contact on vegetation to eradicate. 

Treatment of dense weed areas can result in oxygen loss from decomposition of dead weeds. Excessive oxygen loss can cause fish suffocation.

Treat only 1/3 of the dense vegetation areas at a time and wait  7 days between treatment. Consult your State Fish and Game agencies before applying this product to public waters.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS: Use caution applying nearby desirable trees and vegetation.

Kills aquatic plant growth without toxic effects on aquatic wildlife.

Quickly breaks down floating and submergent weeds and filamentous & planktonic algae in slow moving bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, canals, drainage ditches, and potable water reservoirs.

Safe for aquatic life including fish & amphibians, mussels, water birds and other wildlife.

Made with organic & GMO-free vegetable oils.

No use or reentry restrictions.

Breaks down into nutrients for beneficial bacteria microorganisms.

Safe for use around people & pets.