About Biofarm™

new-biofarm-logo-wordpress.pngThe simple and pure ingredients in Biofarm products come from the farm. Biofarm surrounds an EcoPark of businesses that respect the earth and what it provides. The entire park subscribes to sustainable practices and each business is symbiotic with the other.

The mission of Biofarm is to supply sustainable products to health-conscious entrepreneurs and households, while also providing a means for community, agricultural producers, and businesses to maintain and expand sustainable practices. With this mission, Biofarm encourages resilience of the regional economy and influences business opportunity and growth.

How to Use This Site

Purchases of Biofarm products may be made on this site. Farm supplies are available through the Farm Supplies link. Restaurant supplies are available through the Restaurant Supplies link

Fresh produce and culinary ingredients will be available for purchase through this site starting in late spring 2017. 

The Biofarm Community link provides resources for learning more about establishing toxic free communities.